Scent Games and Activities

Interested in the activity Nose Work?  Marvel in and learn to work with the extraordinary power of the canine nose!  This class provides an opportunity and outlet for the natural hunting and scenting abilities of all dogs, whether puppies or adults.  It will help build your dog's confidence and burn tons of mental and physical energy.

In this class we'll teach dog and handler the foundation skills for fun scent detection!  You'll learn how to observe and read your dog's body language and behavior for better communication, teamwork, and a strengthening of the bond between handler and dog.

Here is some information on the fantastic power of the canine nose, for inspiration:

Course Prerequisites: Handlers can bring their own crates or use our visual barrier pods to stay in with their dog. No obedience necessary.


Session Details:
Cost: $85.00
Length: 4 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
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